Your Donation Brings Joy To Newberry's Visitors and Families

Part of what makes Christmas in Downtown Newberry so special is the great community effort it takes to host the lights. Annually local businesses and families champion Newberry's holiday decor through donations collected year-round​. Consider giving the gift of joy this holiday season by donating to the Community Christmas Tree fund. To give, please complete the form below and you will be contacted by a member of City Parks, Recreation, and Tourism staff.


A Special Thank you to James and Christina Henricks, the 2021 Community Christmas Co-Chairs! When asking James and Christina why they chose to assist in fundraising efforts for the 2021 season, they said,


"After a year when difficulty has been at the forefront of everyone’s lives, it is more apparent than ever that being able to find joy around us is important. For us, we smile to remember how Santa’s special postal service brought joy to our foster child when he read Santa’s response to his letter in the newspaper [during the 2020 season]. During the stressful times of the pandemic, the downtown Christmas display was a light for our whole community. We hope you can help us continue to spark that joy in Newberry’s families and visitors during this holiday season by giving to the Community Christmas fund."

2021 Community Christmas Co-Chairs, James & Christina Henricks

Ready to give? Make Checks payable to Newberry Special Events, and mail to City of Newberry, PO BOX 538, Newberry, SC 29108. Want to learn more about how your gift is used, including recognition for donors? Please complete the form below.

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